Young MDs


The Brief

Young MDs is committed to helping create a more diverse health care workforce by raising awareness of the growing imbalance of representation within the medical field and inspiring Black youth to fill the gap through empowering educational experiences that offer insight to a career in health care and medicine.

They are focused on creating a shift in the profound lack of diverse representation across the medical community through inclusive S.T.E.A.M. camps for children ages 6-12 and additional academic resources that help educate, inspire, and equip Black youth to explore their potential as future health care providers.






Web Design

Web Development



Our Approach

The old Young MDs site lacked a high-end finish and didn’t capture Young MDs as a respectable yet fun brand to further a child’s learning in S.T.E.A.M. We produced a clean, modern and playful take on an E-commerce business.

The client requested we capture the playful & fun nature of the brand whilst still ensuring we instilled confidence with the adult purchaser. Strong call-to-actions were a must through the site, so we ensured these were displayed often and clearly throughout.

The Young MD team also needed a subscription service for their quarterly products, with custom conditional discounts and popups.


The Design

We used the Young MDs playful colours, branding and customised imagery to draw the user in with the hope that the whole family can enjoy and learn, whether they purchase a product or not.

Developing imagery and videos using the Adobe Creative Suite allowed us to create unique and engaging pages that resonate with potential clients whilst maintaining lightning-fast speeds for a fantastic user experience.



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