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The Brief

Train Primal is an innovative personal training and fitness company that provides custom fitness plans to its growing community through its online personal training and app.

They aim to help their customers look and feel their best whilst working to increase their fitness. We aim to enable their goals by promoting the Train Primal app.

Their growing platform allows the Train Primal community to provide progress updates, communicate with each other and motivate one another to reach fitness goals, no matter their fitness level.


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Web Design

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Our Approach

We produced a clean and modern take on the Train Primal brand whilst also ensuring to highlight and display their online community and app prominently throughout the site.

The client requested strong call-to-actions around their app’s free trial, so we ensured this was displayed often and clearly throughout.

Train Primal also stocks branded fitness attire, so we developed an online storefront for them to be able to sell and promote their branded apparel.

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The Design

We used a minimal, clean aesthetic to capture Train Primals’ desire to rejuvenate their customer lives and ambition.

We created one-of-a-kind design visuals to capture the Train Primal brand and promote their core product – the Train Primal App.

Developing imagery and videos using the Adobe Creative Suite allowed us to create unique and engaging pages that resonate with potential clients whilst maintaining lightning-fast speeds for a fantastic user experience.

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