Leads That Converts Into Sales

Do I really need leads for my business?  YES!

Leads are potential customers.  Leads—especially TARGETED, QUALIFIED leads, are the lifeblood of any business you can think of.

So what exactly is a lead—or more specifically, a TARGETED, QUALIFIED lead?

A targeted, qualified lead is someone who has expressed interest in what you have to offer. They have already been qualified as being interested by giving their contact information in exchange for something related to whatever you’re selling.

Someone who subscribes to your email list is a lead, because they have given you their email address specifically because they were interested in either you
and your products, or the free offer in exchange for their name and/or email address.

Leads are essential. Leads are traffic. Leads are sales.  If you’re looking for fresh hot, targeted leads for your specific business, I suggest you look into this limited offer before it ends!

If you think you don’t need leads, think again. No matter what you’re doing to make your living, leads will be the lifeblood of your business!

Some people just use an autoresponder like GetResponse, which is perfectly find if all you’re looking to do is build a list (leads) for email marketing purposes. If you only need basic information such as name and email address, that’s all you need.

However, if you have more advanced needs, such as when you need to collect information like income, buying habits, and other information, you might
need to use a more advanced system.

This means using a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM. A CRM is an all-encompassing program that allows you to collect leads from squeeze pages or even when a customer makes a purchase, and then
sort, segment, manage, and use that list of leads.  An example of a CRM is Salesforce.com.

You might be wondering what type of information you really need to collect from your leads. Is name and email enough, or should you be gathering more detailed information?

Well, the first thing you need to do is look at your business model.

If you’re just collecting emails to market affiliates products, then a simple form asking for name and email address is probably all you really need.

Why, you may ask, wouldn’t I just request as much information as possible from each lead? What if I need that information later?  So what exactly should you ask people for?

The simple answer is this…only what is necessary.

Never ask people for anything more than you really NEED. The more you ask for, the lower your conversions are likely to be.  Most people are a bit reluctant to enter their information.  Personally speaking, I know I’m a bit reluctant to enter my information for a free offer.  Why?  Because once I download that free offer I’m bombarded with countless emails from the same source!  I mean, emails that I’m not interested in,  expensive “systems” they now want to influence me to purchase.  Come on!  So take it from me, a person who have experience in being “stalked” only because I entered my information for that free offer.  So for goodness sake, only ask what you need and what is necessary.  Also, make sure you at least ask if the person would like to receive future emails and offers while they are entering their information.

Now, with that being said, you can go through the process of gathering these leads…putting in the extra time and work.  OR you can simply purchase your leads from a reliable source.  A source that provides TARGETED, QUALIFIED LEADS that is tailored to your specialized niche business.

Remember, leads are important and the lifeblood of your business.  Without leads, there are no customers, if there are no customers, there are no sales, if there are no sales, your business will no longer exist.

To your success…




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