Acer – A High Quality Laptop For Your Business Needs

Acer laptops are considered to be one of the best laptops for professional and business use.  Yes, there are plenty of other laptops that also fall within this category, but I want to focus on the Acer brand simply because most people tend to focus on HP, Dell…you know, those guys.  I’d like to assist you in your decision making, or at least bring awareness to the Acer brand.

Acer is  one of the most successful PC companies in the world. They are established in over a hundred countries and have a solid reputation of offering customers reliable and up-to-date technological services at very reasonable prices.

Among their products is Acer laptops, which are useful for both the home business (or personal) user that has space constraints and the business user who desires mobility and high functional features.

In this post, I am choosing not to got into great detail about each one of these Acer Series because there are no many laptops with it’s own unique quality.  However, I will give you a brief overview of qualities that are shared among each laptop within it’s perspective series.  Click the link next to each series if you want more details.

Let’s explore a few (and there are many) of Acer’s laptop series.

1.  Acer TravelMate Series

The TravelMate B are portable laptops that look great and are great for Acer TravelMate B Laptopproductivity.  It’s aimed at both business and consumer users. It has a quad-core Intel Celeron processor and weighs less than three pounds. It’s a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still need a traditional Windows laptop with a little more features, like a touch screen.

TravelMate PAcer Travelmate P Laptop are Full-featured business laptops that deliver superior performance, manageability and security features. It’s considered to be the business laptop for serious work.



The TravelMate X comes with a DDR4 and Acer TravelMateX LaptopSSD for optimal performance.  You get a 14 inch 1080 HD clear view screen, a backlit keyboard and a much wider touch pad.

2.  Acer Swift Series: 1, 3, 5, and 7

The Acer Swift Series are ultra-thin, yet sturdy aluminum body, stylish laptops Acer Swift3 Laptopwith a touch of class.  I love the way these laptops look, but more importantly, I love the power and efficiency it provides every time.  This is a wonderful laptop that has a great HD 1080 display.  It’s quiet and has unique fingerprint reading.  Imagine not having to login in with your password each and every time!  It has a really nice keyboard with super fast booting and get this…9 hours of battery life!

3.  Acer Aspire Series

From everyday computing to a tough professional workload, experience a new Acer Aspire Laptoplevel of design and performance options.  All the Acer laptops that falls into the Aspire Series are specifically designed to provide different applications and price range.  These Acer laptops are also affordable with excellent components for the price. It has a full HD display, lots of storage and a long battery life.

4.  Acer  Chromebook Series: Spin 11,  Tab 10

The Acer Chromebook Series are all 100% aluminum alloy, sleek, thin design, strong, durable. These Acer Chromebook Laptopchromebooks have large screens, your choice of HD or full HD resolution, low reflection with anti-glare screen.  That makes it easier on the eyes prompting greater productivity.  It can give you up to 12 hours of battery life too!  Quick booting, loaded with thousands of apps with built-in virus protection.

5.  Acer Switch Series: 3, 5, 7, and Alpha 12

The Acer Switch Series are the perfect blend of laptop and tablet combined with endless possibilities.  They are called “2 in 1” because it’s a tablet and can Acer Switch Laptopmorph into a functional laptop, complete with stylus.  These laptops are for the budget conscious who want consistent performance.   In my opinion, these laptops are on the higher end of “basic.”  It’s pretty much what you can expect from a tablet computer.

Whatever your decision might be, make sure you research exactly what you need in a laptop.  Are you looking at mobility, longevity, the cool features, 1080 HD, detachable keyboard, loads of memory, touch screen, etc?  Whatever your business needs are, I’m certain you will find the perfect match with Acer laptops.

To your success…



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How To Use Your iPhone To Make YouTube Videos

In this post, I want to show you how to make high-quality YouTube videos like a pro using your iPhone.  I prefer the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhoneX.  These phones are top-notched when it comes to the quality output of photos and videos.

Listen to the video below posted by HubSpot on How To Make An iPhone Video.  Once you’ve viewed the video, I will refer you to the iPhone gear that you should consider to make your videos even more clean and professional.

Now that was a short and sweet video packed with great information!

To save time in this post, I will only post the name and link to the gear.  When you click the link you’ll be able to get the full description, details, and product photo.


This is really good gear to capture those overhead shots. Remember, it’s designed to hold your iPhone.
This light fits right over your iPhone and it’s multi-functional. You’ll want the perfect lighting for your photos and videos.
Specifically designed for Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
This device is directional and a must have. It works with Smartphones and iPhones.
There is a pretty good selection of moment lenses and somewhat difficult to recommend only one. so take a look at it and decide what works best with your device.
This tripod adapter is universal so you can use it with just about any phone. Takes the guess work out of what to choose.
Very strong and sturdy. Has a ballhead bundle attached for DSLR and mirrorless cameras.  Priced right for your budget.
This tripod stand is made specifically for iPhone X, 8, 7, 6S Plus. Also for iPhone 8, 7, 6S and Galaxy Note 8, 5, S8, and S7. As you can see, this tripod is very specific. If you iPhone match the specifications, then go for it!
This is a great deal! You’re getting a selfie stick AND a tripod…2 for the price of 1. Get an extra 5% off now.

To your success…

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How To Get FREE Traffic Using YouTube Videos

Using YouTube video marketing to drive traffic to your web site is an online marketing strategy many small business owners and internet marketers are beginning to embrace, with much success. Having a traditional website only allows you to reach those people who first find your website. However, combining video, social networking and some simple video marketing techniques can drive hordes of qualified visitors to your website.

First, lets forget the silly videos you’ll find all over YouTube of kids running into fences and demonstrating the newest dance move. While that kind of video can bring in hundreds of thousands of views, it won’t bring the targeted traffic you need.

Instead, consider making a YouTube video tightly targeted towards your niche. A real estate agent might make a video introducing herself and showcasing a few of her available homes for sale. A night club might make a video commercial with soundbites from party goers. A software developer might make a video demonstrating his latest application.

Because Google and other search engines are beginning to give videos hosted on sites like YouTube preferential search engine ranking, its quite possible your video could end up on the first page of search results for your targeted keyword phrase. This is incredibly powerful and not to be overlooked, as this is what will make your video marketing efforts well worth the time you invest in them.

Consider that YouTube itself may not have a huge market of people looking for videos on American Real Estate. But if your video titled American Real Estate made the first page of Google search results (again, due to the preferential search results video is receiving in the search engines) you’d benefit from the hundreds of people who search for that term in Google seeing your video as the #1 result and in turn, watching your clip.

With the preferential treatment YouTube videos are receiving in search results, the question then becomes, How do I move people from watching my video on YouTube to actually visiting my website?

This is simple. Bribe them at the end of your marketing video.  Well, bribe sounds a little strong, and in some cases, a little seedy, BUT it works!

Here are some ideas to consider:

⇒  Offer them something for free at your site (a consultation, a report, free drink, demo version, MP3 download, etc.)

⇒  Poll them or ask them a question and point them to visit your website to get the answer. People love to give their opinion. You can combine with the free offer, above, by giving them the freebie upon completion of the poll or question. This is invaluable for market research.

⇒  Leave them hanging. That’s right, don’t tell the whole story on your YouTube video instead, tell them just enough to incite curiosity. Then instruct them to visit your site for the complete story or answer.

Each of these ideas are intentionally broad, can be utilized over and over again, and can be molded to fit your target market.

The key here is catching your audience while they’re hot, right after watching your video, then give them a reason to continue on to your website. The truth is that if you don’t, most will simply click through to another video or search result. Capitalize on their attention and tell them where to go and what to do next you’ll be surprised at how many will comply!

To your success…

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Top YouTube Marketing Strategies

YouTube video marketing is a strategy that is preferred among audiences today.  Videos does what text cannot and that’s create real time interaction between you and your audience.  Your audience will feel more involved and  connected with you with a freedom to respond in the form of comments, likes,  dislikes, and subscriptions.

Using really good marketing strategies in YouTube can turn you into an expert very quickly or in some cases, a celebrity.  There are plenty of strategies that you can use, but I find the following strategies to work the best, especially if you’re just starting out with YouTube.  If you want more YouTube video strategies, I recommend this book.  Trust me, It’ll take you by the hand and lead you to success!  This book is great for beginners, intermediate and advance YouTubers.  Knowledge is power!

OK, here are just a few strategies:

YouTube Video Series

Don’t be a one-hit-wonder!  Instead, consider creating a series of YouTube videos and not a string of single videos. Creating a video series will cause your target audience to look forward to future videos.  This strategy works especially well for educational and tutorial type videos. By starting a video series, you are increasing the likelihood of repeat visitors to your site that will convert to sales, likes, shared videos, and new subscriptions.

YouTube Educational Videos

You can change lives by making educational videos on YouTube!  YouTube is a powerful medium for learning because it’s accessible to worldwide audiences and hosts a diverse collection of learning videos. You can provide skill-building tips for career advancement,  you can teach an online course, or make ‘how-to’ videos. Speaking of “how-to” videos, be sure to personally use your products in your videos with enough specific details so your viewers can duplicate the process.


Make sure your YouTube video content  is optimized for search engines. Remember, search engine spiders cannot watch video content, so make sure you have the right titles, tags and descriptions. You need to optimize your YouTube videos so people can actually find them. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how good your videos may be because no one will know about them.  Make sure to add keywords into the title of your videos, and send a video sitemap to make it easier for the search engines to locate you.

Consistent Posting

If you want to remain searchable, post your YouTube videos on a consistent basis and stick to it.  Over time, people will begin to anticipate videos from you. Also, let them know if there will be an update or new video coming in the video they are currently viewing.  Don’t tell you audience that the next part to your video is coming and you don’t deliver!  That will certainly destroy their confidence in you and that’s something you don’t want to happen.

There is little room for debate regarding the massive potential YouTube videos can have on branding you, your business, product or service.  Remember what you have read above as you work on launching your own YouTube videos and be prepared for amazing results.

You can do this…you will succeed!

To your success…


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8 Budget Tripods For YouTube Videos

Having the proper tripod for your video camera or cell phone is important in creating your YouTube videos.  It not only protects your camera or cell phone, but having the proper tripod will allow you to capture the best videos at the best angles for different scenes.

Here are 8 of the best budget friendly tripods for your YouTube creativity:

This is my number one pick and it’s a brand called FotoPro.  This particular tripod is one of their biggest sellers and quite frankly, I see why.  They listen to their current and potential customers for what they would like to see in a tripod.  I know, some people may say what’s the big deal, it’s just a tripod right?  Well, it is a big deal.  Something as simple as a tripod is just as vital for your camera or cell phone as it is to how your shots or videos will convey your message.

Budget priced for your cell phone and camera, this tripod is extremely durable, water resistant, flexible, and gets the job done!  I like that it’s lightweight.  For a totally hands free creative experience, why not wrap it’s gripping spider like legs around a pole, a chair, basically anything.  It’s perfect for traveling lite on vacation.  You can throw it in a bag and not feel weighted down.


The BonFoto tripod is an all round sturdy tripod that securely holds your cell phone and camera.  The legs are not flexible, but they are sturdy and adjustable with non-slip legs, and adjustable leg clamps, so mount this tripod with confidence.  Made for level surfaces.  The BonFoto is also lightweight and travel friendly, only 55 inches in height.  This is a great tripod for a YouTuber.




Now, for the YouTuber who wants more than just a tripod, then you need to get Neewer!  I’m talking about the Neewer Camera Photo Lighting Kit.  It’s a kit that has everything you need for your YouTube videos, photos, everything!  So I included this brand in tripods because it’s a tripod (stand) plus so much more.  It fits your budget and produces videos and photos that wows!  The tripod/stand that’s included in the kit can hold your cell phone and camera, plus the light ring.  If you’re doing make-up videos for YouTube or just want your videos and pictures to look clean and professional, Neewer is for you.


Xeno SquidGrip is another favorite because it’s more universal than some of the other tripods out there.  I would say that this tripod caters more towards the cell phone.  I’m talking about iPhone, Samsung, Android, ANY mobile phone.  This tripod is very sturdy with a grip to match.







For those of you who use a tablet for your video needs, the Apro 50-inch Lightweight Aluminum Tripod is for you.  This tripod is specifically designed to hold your tablet and cell phone.  It packs and travels well.  It’s sturdy and safely supports your devices.






Another high quality tripod by Neewer.  This one is the Neewer Portable 70 inch Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod Monopod.  It’s a tripod that morphs into a monopod.  You can take horizontal and vertical pictures with this one.  It’s not as compact as some of the the others, but it does travel well with it’s own travel/storage bag.  I can be adjusted from 70 inches down to a little above 20 inches.  This tripod weighs in just above 8 lbs.




Want a really good basic tripod?  Then the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Tripod With Bag is right for you.  The 60 inches comes from the center post when fully extended.  The legs extends from 25 inches.  It’s lightweight and sturdy.  What more can I say? This is just a basic tripod that gets the job done without all the fancy stuff.  This is a good one for the budget conscious.



The Ranger 57″ Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod is well made, compact, extremely sturdy, and looks really good.  I would select this tripod if I want longevity and precision with a budget in mind.  This one comes with a 2-year warranty, and who wouldn’t want that!


So here you go!  These tripods are really good budget tripods for YouTubers, beginners and even for the advanced.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to take a look at some of the budge friendly camera’s check it out right here on my website and pick one out for your new tripod:

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Budget Cameras For YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the hottest social media platforms to get your product or service before millions in the form of videos.  With YouTube videos, you can easily connect with your audience while building a visual and verbal trust that comes across much more quickly than written content.

What I like about YouTube is seeing a real person demonstrate a real tangible product, while visually showing the results.  Visual results are not only believable, but also boosts customer confidence that translates into sales.  Such a powerful component of YouTube videos.

I’ve created a few YouTube videos in my time, but it didn’t go over as well to say the least.  Yes, I had very good content, I marketed my product very well, but what prevented me from getting really good views by potential customers was the quality of my videos.  My videos were not crisp, original, personal, and the volume wasn’t the best.  Trust me, people know quality when they see it!

What I did not have was a quality camera, not one.  Here’s another thing, I did not use myself in the videos, only words like in a PowerPoint.  I found out that YouTuber’s like to see the actual person for a more personal connection.

In order to make attention grabbing YouTube videos, I had to invest in the necessary equipment to achieve my goals.  So in this post, I would like to share with you some of best ways to create your YouTube videos that will not break your budget.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the cameras that I will introduce to you today will keep you in front of your audience and keep them wanting for more.

Let’s begin…


This Sunlea Digital Camera is absolutely perfect for the beginner YouTuber.  It’s extremely easy to hold/handle, record, and produce the high quality videos that you need for YouTube.  It’s priced just right for the budget conscious YouTuber.  Check out all the details for yourself.


The Cannon PowerShot SX530 HS Digital Camera is  well known and respected brand.  Now this camera is priced a bit higher simply because it’s a “bundle” package.  Take a look at all that you’ll get in what I feel, is also at a budget price point.  It would cost you so much more if you were to purchase these items separately.  Like the phrase, “I saved a bundle,”  you will save with this camera bundle.  You will save time and money, plus you can’t go wrong with a Canon.




This Sunlea Digital Camera Vlogging Camera 24MP.  This one is similar to the Digital Camera Vlogging Camera, handheld, BUT with some very distinct features and a bit of an upgrade in my opinion.  And yes, you can take selfies with it as well with a flip of the screen.  I like this camera because it’s compact and not bulky.  It’s easy to handle and multi-functional.  The microphone function doesn’t muddle your voice in any way.  It picks up sounds very clearly and distinctly…no garble here!  By the way, there’s a $5.00 coupon that you can apply towards your purchase on the website.


For those who don’t really want or need a hand held camera, but want something to attach to your laptop or tripod, then the Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam is perfect for you.  So you’re not into the mobile thing…moving around while you record.  You want to stay in one spot like a desk for instance, perhaps do a tutorial on your computer, then check out this Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam.  This webcam is just right for your budget and fits any level of experience.


These are just some of my camera picks for getting started on YouTube with a budget.   Stay tune for accessories to compliment your camera and to help make your video creativity effortless.

To your success…

P.S.  If you need to YouTube strategies, go here:



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How To Generate FREE Traffic To Your Website Starting Today

In the online world, you either have the budget to attract customers or you don’t. It’s impossible to get a steady business going without a storefront, an inventory, and a little advertising to get the word out.  If you need traffic, but don’t have the resources to bring it in, you don’t have to give up hope.

Nothing is free, of course. These methods require a little time and a little elbow grease. But with the right mindset and some perseverance, you can generate lots of free traffic to your site that will put money in your pocket and get you off the ground. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a single penny.

So the only question is, how do you get started with FREE traffic?

Join Forums and Communities

What better way to show off your expertise and skill than helping out people who need it? One of the best things about spending time on message boards is that it allows you to interact with the audience.  What you must do is provide viable responses and advice.  Be sure not to SPAM with over saturating your responses with you website address.  It’s important to first establish a  relationship and confidence in those who read your responses, then add your website address sparingly.

Just as importantly, you can hit your exact demographic. Remember that you don’t just have to hit message boards in the community. General sites like Yahoo Answers are a goldmine for grabbing people who have urgent problems. Just remember that your advice needs to stand out from the crowd and be especially detailed and interesting.

You can speed this process up by feeding your target keywords into the message board’s search engine and commenting on recent posts that mention these topics. Don’t do this all at once, or you’ll be outed as a greedy marketer with a product to sell!

Get Listed

Another way to increase FREE traffic to your website is to get your website listed on online directories and review sites.  Go here on how to do it and get started.

Content Writing

In the same way that forum marketing gets you in front of specific people and lets you show off your knowledge, content marketing does the same thing.  However, you get to be more in depth and “ask the questions” yourself by raising compelling topics. The benefits of content writing can be exponential, but it’s important to write more than a handful of high-quality articles. It’s the surest way to get your site back-linked by other places in your niche.  All of this can be done by starting a blog or newsletter.

Link Trading

Link trading isn’t just some throwback of the 2000’s. It’s a great way to get your website in front of others without spending a lot of money. Email another webmaster and offer to make a guest post or a straight link exchange. This generally works better if both sites are in the same niche and have a little more information on them than just a list of affiliate reviews. Don’t be afraid – you’re going to need to send your request to more than one webmaster. Even if a few don’t respond, the links you get will be well worth it.


Yes, YouTube.  YouTube is completely free and an available platform for you to increase traffic to your website.  Create a YouTube video.  Some people are a little shy and don’t want to be seen in a video.  Instead, create a PowerPoint slide-show and add your voice.  If you don’t want to add your voice, add some music to your slide-show.  The possibilities are endless on YouTube.

Create Content Using Hashtags

Whenever you need to stand out, or you feel like you’re in a boring niche, think of some ways to create interesting related content with Hashtags.   Using Hashtags is a great way go get followers to your website.  Use it in Social Media, Blog Posts, Websites, etc.  In fact, go here and download your FREE Hashtag Handbook and put it into action.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarks offer an amazing combination of high traffic and authority, and search engines love seeing that you’re getting some traction on these social bookmarking sites. They attract people in your niche every day.  Sign up for these sites.  Bookmark the main site and individual pages on your site to pass along more back-links.

It’s a smart idea to use proxies so that these bookmarks aren’t seen as coming from one person.  Link to other sites and authorities in your niche to increase authenticity.  Rotate the sites you use to bookmark everyday so that you get traffic from multiple sources – search engines love this stuff.

Go here for the 10 Best Social Bookmarking sites.

With a little effort and consistency, you can bring some serious impact to your link building efforts without spending a dime.

These are just a few ways to generate free traffic for your business.  Give these options a try.  It certainly won’t hurt and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.

Giving away something for free is another way to get free traffic while at the same time providing valuable information.

To your success…

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