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The Brief

KANR Legal helps protect your business by providing legal support and company secretarial.

They work with company founders and directors to provide flexible legal solutions to keep you compliant and protected.

KANR Legal will help you ensure that the legal foundations of your business operations are set so you can confidently concentrate on scaling your business. 


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Our Approach

The old KANR Legal site lacked a high-end finish and didn’t capture the KANR as a respectable yet approachable brand for your businesses legal needs.We produced a clean and modern take on a legal services business.

The client requested strong call-to-actions for each of their services, so we ensured this was displayed often and clearly throughout.

The KANR team also needed a built-in booking system that allowed potential clients to book directly into their work calendar, whilst allowing the team to manage these bookings easily from their current work processes.

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The Design

We used a high-end feel with rich tones and colours whilst keeping the KANR brand approachable through the use of custom imagery & video to highlight the personable branding of KANR.

Developing imagery and videos using the Adobe Creative Suite allowed us to create unique and engaging pages that resonate with potential clients whilst maintaining lightning-fast speeds for a fantastic user experience.

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