How A Toll-Free Number Can Increase Your Business

In today’s world of cell phones and digital media, many business owners particularly small business owners no longer consider a toll-free number a necessity to running a successful business. After all, many cell phone plans offer free long distance; and in any case, many customers choose to get in touch for free via email.

Here’s Why You Need A Toll-Free Number For Your Business

A toll-free number allow customers to contact your business without them having to pay for their call. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to call a business with a toll-free number than those who only have a long-distance number, and 90% of Americans say they prefer toll-free numbers.

Having a toll-free number can still benefit your business. Although a toll-free number is no longer a necessity for allowing customers to get in touch with you, it definitely makes your business appear more credible.

A small business without a toll-free number gives an impression of being run out of someones garage whereas when customers see a toll-free number, they imagine a brick-and-mortar business with a storefront, dedicated phone lines, and phone book ads.  Regardless, it’s in your best interest to give your customers the impression that it does with a toll-free number.

Do you still need convincing that you need a toll-free number for your business?  By following these 5 easy steps, you can discover for yourself how a toll-number can help your business grow…

1. Expand Your Market

Toll-free numbers allow you to use the same number for receiving local toll Toll-Free Business Lineand state-to-state calls. This gives you the opportunity to market your business nationwide. Even if you don’t provide service in certain areas, toll-free numbers have the flexibility to block calls from those areas.

2.  Advertise Your Number

Toll-free numbers lend an air of legitimacy and professionalism to your business, your business may appear larger and more established to the consumer which will make him/her trust you more.

3.  Initiate A Direct Response Mechanism For Impulse Buyers

By allowing your customers an avenue to immediately react to your company’s efforts calling for their action, this prompts significant increases in phone orders. It has been found that these buyers generally order more merchandise and higher ticket items nearly every time they call.

4.  Qualify Your Buyers

A toll-free number enables your business to use time more efficiently and effectively, you’ll know that someone who has called your business is already interested in what you have to offer. You’ll spend less time trying to find interested prospects and let the number find them for you.

5.  Analyze Your Call Detail

Toll-free numbers allow you to track calls and access all of a call’s details such as the number, time, date and duration of every call. This information cannot be blocked and is an excellent tool for generating leads which can lead to more sales.Toll-Free Business Call

OK, I think you get it now.  A toll-free number is a MUST HAVE for any business.  With that said, I get a lot of inquires about a toll-free number for business use.  Remember when those numbers use to be free?  Not anymore, BUT you can get a toll-free number at a reasonable price.  I highly recommend two of the best toll-free providers out there, FreedomVoice.  I love FreedomVoice because they have pricing options to fit any budget, PLUS, you can try out their services for 30 days.  Now who wouldn’t want that!  Also, there’s no contract involved.

The second toll-free provider is RingCentral.  With RingCentral, you’ll also get a free trial, but it’s for 15 days and they also have pricing to fit any budget.

Check out these two recommended providers for yourself, get connected with a toll-free number for your business, and watch your business grow!

To your success…

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