Budget Cameras For YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the hottest social media platforms to get your product or service before millions in the form of videos.  With YouTube videos, you can easily connect with your audience while building a visual and verbal trust that comes across much more quickly than written content.

What I like about YouTube is seeing a real person demonstrate a real tangible product, while visually showing the results.  Visual results are not only believable, but also boosts customer confidence that translates into sales.  Such a powerful component of YouTube videos.

I’ve created a few YouTube videos in my time, but it didn’t go over as well to say the least.  Yes, I had very good content, I marketed my product very well, but what prevented me from getting really good views by potential customers was the quality of my videos.  My videos were not crisp, original, personal, and the volume wasn’t the best.  Trust me, people know quality when they see it!

What I did not have was a quality camera, not one.  Here’s another thing, I did not use myself in the videos, only words like in a PowerPoint.  I found out that YouTuber’s like to see the actual person for a more personal connection.

In order to make attention grabbing YouTube videos, I had to invest in the necessary equipment to achieve my goals.  So in this post, I would like to share with you some of best ways to create your YouTube videos that will not break your budget.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the cameras that I will introduce to you today will keep you in front of your audience and keep them wanting for more.

Let’s begin…


This Sunlea Digital Camera is absolutely perfect for the beginner YouTuber.  It’s extremely easy to hold/handle, record, and produce the high quality videos that you need for YouTube.  It’s priced just right for the budget conscious YouTuber.  Check out all the details for yourself.


The Cannon PowerShot SX530 HS Digital Camera is  well known and respected brand.  Now this camera is priced a bit higher simply because it’s a “bundle” package.  Take a look at all that you’ll get in what I feel, is also at a budget price point.  It would cost you so much more if you were to purchase these items separately.  Like the phrase, “I saved a bundle,”  you will save with this camera bundle.  You will save time and money, plus you can’t go wrong with a Canon.




This Sunlea Digital Camera Vlogging Camera 24MP.  This one is similar to the Digital Camera Vlogging Camera, handheld, BUT with some very distinct features and a bit of an upgrade in my opinion.  And yes, you can take selfies with it as well with a flip of the screen.  I like this camera because it’s compact and not bulky.  It’s easy to handle and multi-functional.  The microphone function doesn’t muddle your voice in any way.  It picks up sounds very clearly and distinctly…no garble here!  By the way, there’s a $5.00 coupon that you can apply towards your purchase on the website.


For those who don’t really want or need a hand held camera, but want something to attach to your laptop or tripod, then the Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam is perfect for you.  So you’re not into the mobile thing…moving around while you record.  You want to stay in one spot like a desk for instance, perhaps do a tutorial on your computer, then check out this Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam.  This webcam is just right for your budget and fits any level of experience.


These are just some of my camera picks for getting started on YouTube with a budget.   Stay tune for accessories to compliment your camera and to help make your video creativity effortless.

To your success…

P.S.  If you need to YouTube strategies, go here:  http://firstratemarketing.com/top-youtube-marketing-strategies/



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